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Welcome to the town of Telluride Colorado. This homey little place nestled in the Rocky Mountains at around 7000 feet (I think) is replete with breathtaking views and, on this particular weekend, music! Every year the town hosts the Telluride Bluegrass & Country Festival. My favorite band was all the way from Newfoundland. They're Great Big Sea, and sure enough I bought the CD. Last I checked they only had one U.S. release, Rant & Roar. If you get the chance, check out their website... they have clips from the album there.

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The trip was hosted by a Colorado native from my class, Todd Dickerson. Among other hobbies, Todd enjoys fly fishing. We spent time wading in the river luring the fish in with yummy looking flies. (Ok, I'm assuming they're yummy looking to the fish!) We camped out with a few thousand of our closest friends. We toured the town, hiked through the trees, skinny-dipped in the river, and rode a big old school bus back and forth to the fairground. They don't allow cars in the town during the festival unless you happen to live there, so they have a really good transportation system worked out for moving people around.

There were food tents and vendors at the fairgrounds, a large stage. There was a huge sound mixing pagoda in the middle of the field. Perhaps the best part of the festival was the breathtaking view of the valley and the waterfall. Next time, I need to bring a telephoto lens!

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