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As often as I've gone up to the Bay Area, I'm surprised I don't have more photos of San Francisco. I go up there mostly to see Eric. Since he's a local, we don't actually do all the touristy things that one might do in exotic San Francisco. We go to our favorite restaurants, or we go to the local clothing-optional beach, or we go to the local fair/festival. Often we just hang around the apartment talking and enjoying each other's company.

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On one of my early trips up there, I did bring my camera and took photos. Joel and Christina were traveling back south from spending Thanksgiving in Sonoma. I ended up hitching a ride with them instead of flying home on that trip. One of the days they spent with Eric and me, we all went walking in a local park, taking in the sights. As I was still relatively new to The City back then, I took a few photos. The group shot with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop seemed noteworthy, and this one of Joel staring out toward the ocean seemed peaceful.

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