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Summer Vacation 2000

My latest trip in May of 2000 was to Portland, Oregon and Washougal, Washington. My friend Chris Palmer lives in Portland, as does my friend Tania Mayer. My friend Heather Keller lives in Washougal on the Washougal River. Her home is magnificent. I went up to celebrate four people's birthdays, including Heather's and Chris's.

Heather really knows how to throw a party. She rented a "jumpy bumpy" for the front yard. It's one of those things you see at carnivals to bounce on. Definitely an 'E' ticket for my inner five-year-old.

I had a wonderful time. I played guitar (Heather has an twelve string!). I sang. I played drums in a drum circle. I ate lots of wonderful food. I met Normina, Heather's mom. She is an amazing example of someone who has aged well. She recently retired, and she is now learning massage and body work. She is vegan and highly conscious of her diet and exercise. And she brings joy wherever she is. I was honored to have met her.

On Saturday evening, we had the pleasure of seeing a fire dance. One of the party goers had learned to twirl flaming batons in South America. The boom box gave out, so we brought out the drums and laid down a beat for her to dance to. The pictures really capture the flavor of the dance.

And did I mention that there was a river? Right in Heather's backyard runs the Washougal River. We skinny-dipped. Some people kayaked or rafted. The water was cold and brisk and really enjoyable!


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