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This is my friend Mark Williams. Mark is an avid rock climber. In July of 1998, I flew up to San Francisco, and we took off for Lake Donner, which is near Lake Tahoe. We climbed rocks, swam in streams, ate good food, and played in the snow.

"Wait a sec," you say, "You said this was July!" True, but we went up to a ski resort where Mark had lost a ski that winter. There was still snow on the ground! I have pictures of me playing naked in the snow. Ok, I had shoes on. The air was around 70 degrees, but the snow was still cold! It takes a long time for all the snow to melt up there. That's also where our water comes from during the summer... snow melting in the mountains.

No, the pictures of me naked are not on this website. This is a family site! ;-)

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I do have pictures of me climbing. Here I am playing Spiderman. Yes those are real trees, and yes that's a real road down below. And yes, that's a real rope! Safety on this trip was always primary.

And finally, here's a shot of the lake from the top of the rocks we were climbing that day.

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