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Here are some great links, sorted by content type:


  • Friends of the Medicine Wheel Circle, South Bay
    I have yet to contact these folks. I include this because something inside me is drawn to the Native American motif. I have not yet explored what that means for my life. If anyone has anything they'd like to contribute to me along those lines, please drop me an email.


Online Journaling

  • Quiddity by Gail Shochet
    Gail is a long-time friend of mine from college. She keeps an online journal where she tells it like it is in her life. Of course I had to include this link in a Self-expression website!


  • NCSA video clips
    If you like that way-out-there kind of science, you'll love this site. There are simulations and animations. Entertaining science!


  • Where Hobos Dance
    A collection of poetry for sale, by none other than my Aunt Margie.


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