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Ballroom Dancing

Growing up, my mother made sure to sign us up with all of the local team sports at the recreation center. She wanted us to know how to play all the games so we could choose which ones we liked. I never found my calling among baseball, basketball, soccer, or any of the other sports I tried. Later I discovered volleyball as an undergraduate. That was fun, and I learned what teamwork was about. I also learned to play racquetball in my senior year at Loyola.

In graduate school, one of my classmates started up an ultimate frisbee group. We got to run around like maniacs for hours. It was fantastic exercise, and I believe I was actually in-shape back then! I also picked up racquetball again. I still enjoy the game, but I haven't found a way to fit it into my schedule. Why didn't I make that my school project??? :-)

Later, I discovered ballroom dancing. You may or may not think of it as a sport, but it's great exercise, and I enjoyed competing at the college level. That time in my life is still one of the highlights.

Since moving to California and living next to the beach, I've rediscovered volleyball. Beach volleyball is a little bit different that indoor volleyball. The good news is that here we can play year round. I dig being able to hit the beach in February! And the guys are still in shorts with their shirts off. I dig the scenery, too!

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