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Ballroom Dancing

Present Interests

My current "hobby" is once again being in school. I made a career of school for about twenty years of my life. When I left graduate school at the University of Maryland, I thought I was done with formal education. I was wrong. I am currently enrolled at the University of Santa Monica in the Spiritual Psychology program, and I love it!

In addition, I still find occasional time to work with computers, and I'm just starting to learn about videography for the web.

Past Interests

In the past I have had many varied interests, from ballroom dancing to singing to stage acting to you-name-it. The hobbies I just mentioned stand out to me as special. I have also been a sound engineer, and I was even a lead singer for a band for a while. I studied chess briefly. (Back in high school I was even president of the chess club for a year!)

In general, I enjoy mental challenges and puzzles. I participated on the "It's Academic" team in high school. (That was a quiz show where high-school teams competed for scholarship money.) I like working things out, so not surprisingly, I became a computer programmer. I actually enjoy debugging code! I have excellent diagnostic skills. Oddly enough, these have been useful in my counseling work as well. Not that counseling is about fixing anything, but in those times when it is time to just root around in consciousness, I have a keen awareness for uncovering my issues!

I also have had interest in various sports at different times in my life. I like racquetball and volleyball the best.

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