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In life, we are born into a family. In addition, as we grow up, we choose a new family. Here I introduce you to the family I have chosen to participate in. These are my friends... my chosen family.

Eric Bart Luna A dear friend. He makes a special appearance in the relationship section of this site. Eric and I have dated off and on since we met in August of 1997 until January of 2000.
Edward Ray Smith How odd that I only realized after Ed made his transition that I didn't have him on this list. Ed was generous and kind. He gave of his time, his resources, and himself. The last year or so of his life he was ill with cancer. On Saturday, May 6, 2001, he passed at the age of 39. His legacy was the demonstration of what it means to live a life of loving service.
Damian Hammontree An East Coast connection. Damian sat next to me in an Analysis class in college. He is an avid gamer, and a generally very cool guy.
Maria Hammontree Another East Coast connection. Maria once dated my second cousin. She is raising two children, Nicholas and Sarah, with a lot of support from friends and family. She is an amazing woman.
Hal Eisen Visit his web site! He's my sailing connection. We've known each other since college, but I only really got to know Hal when he started dating my dance partner Sarah (below). He was a co-skipper on the fabulous Caribbean Eclipse Trip!
Sarah Herbelin My dear friend and former dance partner. She was also a co-skipper on the fabulous Caribbean Eclipse Trip! (Did I mention it was fabulous?) Sarah asked me to dance with her... well... because I was taller than she was. Over time we created a wonderful friendship. She works part of the time teaching sailing. She has taught oceanography on a sailing ship. She has also led groups with Outward Bound and other similar organizations.
Nick & Rebecca Donaldson My Oakland connection. Nick and Rebecca were crew on ... you guessed it... the fabulous Caribbean Eclipse Trip! The are simply way-cool people that I enjoy hanging out with when I go north. I don't see them nearly as much as I would like.
Christina Smith My connection to California when I moved to Los Angeles. I met Christina the week after graduating from high school. She had just graduated from a high school in Maryland. We were down on the eastern shore with mutual friends. I saw her again two years later when she visited the East Coast. Then four years after that I was visiting my friend Al in Tucson, and we drove up to LA to hang out. Four years after that I moved to California, and Christina invited me to participate in an Insight Seminar. We've been close friends ever since.
Stasa Morgan-Appel I've known Stasa since my senior year of high school. We haven't always been close. Our life paths have taken us in varying directions. Yet there has always been a connection there. She also happens to be the only woman I ever dated!
Alejandro Ayon Another man I dated, from March 2002 to August 2004. He taught me a lot about how important it is to share openly and bring forward full honesty to maintain a relationship.

If you're not on the list above and you want to be, write me! I'm always making additions.

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