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Me... as I relate to myself. Each day is a day that I choose who I am. Each day I participate in my life with those around me. Each day I create my world anew. Who's with me? :-)

What's present in my life right now? I'm investing in mySelf by going to school. I'm expanding my horizons. I am healing my life as I learn to assist others in healing theirs.

I'm a gay man of 32 years. I'm single. I am warm and tender and loving. I choose each day to live joyfully and experience the essence of life. I'm open to sharing my joy and my life with a man about my age. I have a strong preference for long dark hair, dark skin, and dark eyes... especially Native American, Pacific Islander types.

You can find out all about me in the pages of this site. May you enjoy a taste of my life's journey.

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