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My brother, Mark, is more like me than I ever knew growing up. Only in many ways he made the tough choices I didn't make. He forged out on his own without heed to what others thought when I was bogged down in my internalized rules and regulations. Too bad he wasn't MY older brother...

A few years ago, shortly after I moved to California, Mark was in California for a conference. I drove down to Huntington Beach to visit with him. I was shocked when I saw him. I guess I'd been out of touch for a while. I had nearly forgotten what he looked like. But in seeing him with new eyes, I saw myself as I remember myself looking when I was younger. Yet in him there was the mark of manhood.

Mark is currently living in Maryland with his wife Tressie (the woman in the picture). At any given time he has an odd assortment of animals: dogs, ferrets, cats, etc. I've lost track. He works for Bally Fitness as a techie.

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