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USM Graduation

Graduation, USM 2000

Graduation was an incredible celebration of accomplishment and experience. Graduation weekend was kicked off by a party thrown by one of my project team members, John Tyler. Eric came down from San Francisco, and everyone got to meet the man who was so much in my heart during my time at USM. In many ways, one could say that Eric got to go to USM vicariously. I think Ron is still trying to figure out a way for Eric to pay tuition!

Saturday, August 27 began with the annual "Walking the High Ground." It's a fundraising event where graduates and guests hike up into the hills overlooking Santa Monica, symbolic of the journey "up the mountain" we'd been on for the past two years.

The following photos are from "Walking the High Ground."

Saturday evening was a special graduation ceremony for the graduating class.

Sunday was graduation day. The guest speaker at graduation was Jean Houston. She is phenomenal. What I remember most is when she talked to the class before graduation. She called us "midwives of souls." We are uniquely prepared for ushering in the new millenium.

The ceremony was very uplifting. I didn't take pictures during the actual ceremony. Hopefully someone has a picture of me walking across the stage. I do have post graduation pics of various people. First, there's my project team: Me, John, Roman, and Christina. If you notice the buttons we are wearing, I had them made up for everyone graduating that day. They say "I AM"  -- "Student of the Millenium." Many of my friends turned out for the ceremony. Photos are of me (the one in the cap and gown):

  • with Eric
  • with Greg
  • with Lynne
  • with Erin
  • with the Culps
    (my dad's sister, her husband, and son...
    Claire, Rick, and Tyler)
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