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The Present

Beginning in September, 2004, I will be taking a one year program at the University of Santa Monica called Soul Centered Leadership. This is the first time the course has been offered. I am excited!

I graduated from a year long course in Consciousness Health and Healing at the University of Santa Monica in August 2002. One outgrowth of that is that I participate with a hands-on energy healing group here in Los Angeles. (

I graduated from a two-year program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica in August, 2000. I love the program and the people I know there. It's also cool that I am in  the class of 2000! This website is an outgrowth of my school project. I'm learning a lot about how to manage my time and my life with grace and ease. In addition, I'm healing parts of myself that are stuck in the past by revisiting stored memories through this expression.

I have photos from the graduation festivities!

Graduate School

I spent five years at the University of Maryland in a Ph.D. program in Computer Science. It took me that long to figure out that that wasn't what I wanted! I have an M.S. in Computer Science from my time there. I also learned to play ultimate frisbee and dance. For a while I competed at the college level in ballroom dancing, and it was FUN. I also learned a lot about partnership from that experience.

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This period of my life was also a turning point in my personal development. I joined a band as a lead singer. The band was more of a social/drinking club than a music-playing entity. After nearly a year in the band, I developed a crush on the drummer. It took six months and a lot of strife for me to come to terms with this, and another two or three months to admit that I was attracted to men. It wasn't until I moved to California that I accepted my sexuality. This era of my life marks a tremendous period of learning and growth.

Undergraduate Education

I spent four years at Loyola College in Maryland. I chose to double major in Mathematics and Computer Science. I have a B.S. and graduated Summa Cum Laude. I still had my nose in the books, but I began to branch out a bit. I joined the chapel choir and learned to sing. By Junior year, I had joined the Chimes--the all-male a cappella singing group. I also participated in a few plays and the concert choir. I worked as an assistant in the computer labs, then as assistant to the director of user services, and finally as a system administrator. (And can I say my ego really loved the power trip...and that I learned what it meant to be of service people...)

High School

Everyone always asks why Calvert Hall College High School has the word 'College' in it. Well, it's been around a while, and it just means school of higher learning. I only formed one lasting friendship while I was there. In the past couple of years, my friend Al has asked me for space, so we haven't spoken in over a year. Back then I thought that the subjects were the only important thing. It took me a while to figure out that learning to build relationships is at least as important.

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Grade School

My Catholic School education started at St. Joseph's School in Texas, MD. (I think it's been annexed into Cockeysville by now, but it was technically called Texas, which confused people.) I spent eight years there and graduated in 1982. I maintained no friendships from that time. I didn't understand how being the smartest kid in the class alienated me. I was so driven to get straight A's that I never even stopped to question it. I know now that it stemmed from an internal sense of inadequacy, and I'm pretty sure that was in place by the time I got to first grade, so my world at that time was colored by my self-image. Since then I've worked on that part of me, and yet it still crops up every now and again. I look forward to the day that it's healed for the last time.

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